We are energy-saving mobile homes manufacturer located in Poland, EU.

We manufacture high-quality mobile homes from scratch. Our specialists keep a close eye on the MICCO Mobile Homes manufacturing process to meet the highest expectations.

We offer homes in many sizes, most popular of which are 3.55m x 12m, 3.55m x 9m, and 3.55m x 6m. Moreover, we offer double wide mobile homes.

We offer move-in ready homes. All MICCO Mobile Homes are fully customizable, so every client can choose the standard and the finishing as well as the furniture and household appliances for themselves. We can meet all the challenges and unconventional solutions! Our client can also choose the thickness of external walls (5cm, 10cm or 15cm), thus deciding whether they want a seasonal house, e.g. for the summer only or for year-round use.

MICCO Mobile Homes are the ideal solution to be located on land by the lake or sea or in the mountains or where building a house is not allowed. Mobile homes are also a temporary living solution for construction workers and real estate developer sale sites as well as cloakrooms, e.g. for football players.

MICCO Mobile Homes uses the highest quality waterproof and fireproof polyurethane foam. Thanks to our unique manufacturing technology, the walls of our homes do not soak water! Moreover, water does not condense on the internal walls of the home. The method of placing foam layers in the walls was designed by scientists of the well-known Polytechnic in Cracow, Poland. Thanks to our production technology you can live in MICCO Mobile Homes throughout the year.

All MICO Mobile Home Models are constructed on one axis which allows 90 degrees turns and easy transport and installation, even on difficult to reach and steep terrains! This means that you do not need cranes to install our homes. Our homes have a special floor and a frame that does not require building a foundation.

Transport of all MICCO Mobile Home Models is included in the price!